The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

Posted in Blog on 04/01/2013

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A quote from Amy Less, recruiting manager, Jupiter Medical Center: “There are things in life that you can’t control. . .so don’t waste your time, energy or sanity on them. You can only control your reaction to them. . .so make your reaction worthy, smart and sane.”

This quote addresses one of the most difficult aspects of employment: There are many things that will happen that are beyond your control, and you have no power or influence to change those events.

Your reaction to these unchangeable and unexpected events is what will define your career. Often times, these unexpected events can make or break your career. For example, your boss comes in to tell you that the company is facing a reorganization, and your position will now assume additional duties that are above and beyond your current job description. You could simple sit back and let your company pile on additional duties with no additional salary, or you could re-negotiate for a higher position as well as a higher salary. You could also promote yourself outside of your current company and bring back competitive job offers to even further boost your salary. Your reaction to this event is what will ultimately change the course of your career.

You Can’t Control Your Coworkers

As much as you may try, and as many policies and procedure manuals you make, you will never reach a point where your employees or coworkers act according to your will. This is after all, NOT a monarchy, and you are not the king. SO if you do not have ultimate control over your coworkers or your employees, how can you influence what other people do?

Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Being nice goes a very long way in an office environment. After all, most of us will spend more awake time with our coworkers than we will with our families. Should we not treat our coworkers with respect and be nice to them? This will go a long ways towards improving the office morale and ensuring that you always have a favor to cash in on should the need ever arise.

Behold the Power of Cookies

Sometimes, a simple gesture such as bringing in cookies for your department, will go a long way towards boosting your reputation in the eyes of your coworkers. It may also say that you are dedicated to your job, and that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your fellow employees are happy. As a manager, it says that you care about the people you manage, and that you want to do what is best for them.

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2 Responses to “The Best Career Advice I Ever Received”

  • Louie Sison says:


    I definitely agree with your statement: “You can only control your reaction to them. . .so make your reaction worthy, smart and sane”

    Indeed, think and make your reactions worthy of the the ourput.

    All the best to you,
    Louie Sison

    • STRONGside says:

      @Louie – Your reactions are certainly important. Employment issues are some of the most difficult to cope with, so it is important to keep yourself in check as you cope with these difficult situations. Thanks Louie and best of luck to you as well!

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