The Scientific Research Behind Finding a Job

Posted in Blog on 03/19/2013

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Facing a blank computer screen wondering when your phone is going to ring for an interview, can be an incredibly depressing process. For many of us, our job search is one of the most difficult things we will do over the course of our lives. The more times you complete a job search, the easier the process should become, right? Unfortunately, wrong.

It is a sad fact of life that hiring managers are human, and they will base many of their hiring decisions on outward appearance, rather than true knowledge skills and abilities. That is why it is so important to make an excellent first impression when interviewing.

Normally, I would be confident in pointing to scientific research and saying that you should follow what they recommend. But unfortunately, in this case the research leaves us even more confused. “Don’t be too old”, “Don’t be too young”, “Don’t be unattractive”, “Don’t be too attractive”. You could literally drive yourself insane trying to follow every recommendation that comes from this research.

Within all of the research however, there are many very useful tips and pointers for the job seeker. So please, take a look at the articles linked below, and let us know what you think. What are your best tips for an interview?

Be good at annoying puzzles.
Think about the last time you felt powerful.
Wear glasses. 
Have a firm handshake. 
Have cross-cultural experience.
Have the same relationship status as your interviewer.
Be culturally similar to your employer.
Have a plan.
Love yourself.
Be a handsome man.
Don’t be an attractive woman.
Really, don’t be an attractive woman.
Don’t have acne.
Don’t be pregnant.
Don’t be too skinny.
Don’t be too fat.
Really, don’t be too fat.
Don’t say you are “creative” or have “extensive experience.” 
Be old.
Wait, no, don’t be old.
Don’t order wine at dinner.
Don’t interview on the same day as your toughest competition.

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