Does a High Salary Equal Happiness?

Posted in Blog on 02/11/2013




This infograhic is based on a study by Princeton University which researches the happiness of various jobs on the education and income spectrum. For example, a fast food worker is at the bottom and a surgeon is at the top. A police officer, which makes roughly 1/4 of what a surgeon brings in each year have virtually the same happiness rating? How can this be? Well the study done by Princeton found that there is a bell curve of happiness ratings based on the income brought in. The peak of the bell curve, and therefore the maximum income before happiness levels begin to decrease, is $75,000. Meaning that above $75,000 money does not buy happiness. Below $75,000 and additional income could indeed increase happiness levels.

This is very interesting information to consider when researching your career. Are you interested in a particular career just for the financial rewards? Have you thought at all about the potential salaries associated with the job field you intend to pursue? Have you research the entry level salaries, as well as the top tier salaries in your field? Would you pursue a different profession if you could be happier, even if you had less money?

Do you believe money does indeed buy happiness?

I would be interested to see where a professor or someone working in student affairs would rank on this list. I would imagine that the happiness factor would increase dramatically for both of these professions. The salaries are certainly competitive, and they both allow for great flexibility in the work place. Considering a higher ed jobs may just be the key to your happiness!



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